Yet another “hydrogen future” article…

But one thing did catch my eye.  And that is the idea of SELF fueling?  The
#1 problem with Hydrogen is the complete lack of distribution network AND
the complete lack of a clean source of Hydrogen.

But what if we used the Ridiculously low cost of solar panels (now under 25
cents a watt) to generate electricity on our homes to then electrolyze
water into hydrogen right at HOME?  That solves both of the major hydrogen
car problems (distribution and clean)?

After blowing up a few homes, I would think that we could come up with
suitable cheap and safe home electrolyzers and tank filler-uppers.

This ALSO solves the growing problem of utility push-back killing
net-metring concepts and forcing more and more people into the econimcs of
home storage.  If generating and storing hydrogen at home becomes an
appliance, there might be a niche…?

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