Hi All,
                              Things are moving along in my 63 Vette looking EV 
project.   The body, hood, doors were pulled out of the molds Friday so now the 
fun begins!! ;^)
                              It still has some touchup, fitting the doors but 
should have it home Friday.   The shop with the mold which normally make drag 
racer bodies, USBody,  were amazed how strong it was with my layup inside to 
make it structural as going to be a unibody/monocoque with a composite chassis 
bonded into a single piece.
                            It is the male mold for my actual production one 
which I'll modify some to make more aero, easier, stronger to build  at less 
weight and make the production simplified molds  from it.    The mold it came 
out of has 10 parts vs mine will be 3 parts.  ;^)
                            Now in the process of taking a 90 C4  Vette apart 
for suspension, steering, A/C, etc which I'm selling the other parts to pay for 
it and take the motor out which being fairly handicapped now, I just can't do 
anymore.  So I sold the transmission for $100 but to get it they have to take 
the motor, A/C,
 etc out.
                          Once that is done Saturday I hope, I can handle the 
rest by working until I hurt too much, rest, repeat at my home shop.  
                           Once the suspension is off I can design, build the 
composite chassis and mate it all together fairly quickly.
                            Right now using 2  6.7"motors because I own them, 
I'm on SSI so lowest cost is a big factor,  but hopefully I can get an A/C EV 
motor/controller that is hacked I can use.   But must be a shaft output I can 
put on a diff .  Might have to change rear suspension so I can adapt a Tesla to 
it now they have been hacked.   And hard to beat in power, cost as more crash.  
                             It should end up weighing 1800lbs or so with 2 
Volt packs worth 600kw if I can use it which should get me 150, maybe -200 mile 
range as I drive it.
                             As now legal to build 325 25 yr old or more 
looking cars/yr/model and 5k/yr /company with minimal/Hot rod regulations, my 
goal is producing production lines of multiple models including El Camino, a 
Van, A Brubaker Box style gull wing tiny van, 68 Mustang fastback, etc.
                             All done the same tech in  EVs drives to get EVs 
being produced locally since big auto certainly isn't going to fast enough as 
they have shown.
                                                Jerry Dycus
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