EVLN: GM's Hughes cuts EV batteries open to find what went wrong> (li-ion
How Does an Automotive Battery Engineer Work?
... he conducts forensics tests on failed batteries, mostly for fully
electric cars such as the ... Bolt EV ... describes himself as a “cell
technical specialist ... It’s ... the cool factor” ...
EVLN: VW Gen.E research concept prototype EV previewed
Volkswagen is dead serious about its future electric plans. ... Gen.E
research prototype –  that is telling us ... about the brand's electric
future ...
EVLN: Exciters/transducers save EV weight> Continental Speaker-Less Audio
System (v)
“In the age of electric vehicles, car manufacturers are looking for
innovative solutions to drastically reduce the weight of their vehicles and
gain space for ...

1st Zoe e-taxies starting @Zorlu Shopping Center Mall in
Era of electric cabs begins in Istanbul
The Electric Taxi Project, which was previously reported on by Turkish daily
Dünya, has been officially initiated in Istanbul. The vehicles ... are
primarily Renault's "Zoes" ...
Scenic 'Electric Highway' (US 2) EVSE goes through Spokane-WA
U.S. Highway 2 across the Washington Cascades from Everett to Spokane now
has the distinction of being the first electric-vehicle-friendly scenic
byway in all of ...
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