Sounds encouraging. And, you had no issue with the skykomish or Sultan QC working properly?

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Peri, I have done this several times. I usually end up in Plain. From Edmonds we make it to Skykomish, charge there and have about 22 miles left as the summit. Regen down and have 22-25 miles left at Plain. On the way back, full charge when leaving Plain. Plenty of extra at the summit and regen to Sultan. Home with 40+ to Edmonds. That is summer travel. Winter is a little more tight but have done it several times. Plan to go to Wenatchee in a few weeks and maybe Chelan.

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>Scenic 'Electric Highway' (US 2) EVSE goes through Spokane-WA
>U.S. Highway 2 across the Washington Cascades from Everett to Spokane
>has the distinction of being the first electric-vehicle-friendly scenic
>byway in all of ...
Looking at Plugshare, the number of charging points has certainly
improved over the last couple years. Aside from cost, which is pretty
steep ($0.50 / kwh at skykomish), it's still a challenge.

For example, it's about 80 miles from Seattle to Stevens Pass, with a
4000' climb (6000' if you include the ups and downs). For a Leaf, this
will require a charge somewhere before climbing the pass. Skykomish is
65 miles, which might be possible without a stop, but would likely give
me range anxiety. So, I would need to stop in Sultan, 45 miles from
Seattle. There's aren't any charge points at Stevens Pass, so I would
have to stop at Skykomish, about 25 miles from Sultan. From there it's
another 15 miles to the pass. On the return, maybe it's possible to to
make it all the way back to Sultan but, again, I probably would get
range anxiety. So, another stop at Skykomish, and then at Sultan.
Doable, but risky. If any of these charge points aren't working, you're

Has anyone tried a trip like this?


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