EVLN: Tesla-S EV U.S.-coast-to-coast ‘Cannonball Run’ record> 51hrs& 47min
Two guys did a coast-to-coast ‘Cannonball Run’ in a Tesla Model S for a new
The concept of using electric vehicles for coast-to-coast “Cannonball Runs”
... only started gaining popularity when the charging infrastructure ...
EVLN: Bolt range eating E470 @78mph, 600' Greeley2 Denver elevation gain, &
a hot day
Drive Time: Chevy Bolt makes long-range debut with some surprises
Most surprising to me of the 2017 Chevy Bolt Electric hatchback is its ...
first shift and park-by-wire system sends electronic signals to the Bolt
EV's drive ...
EVLN: Nissan doubles down by taking $20k off> $31k new Leaf for $11k in
Buy an electric car and get money back
The costs of fuel, oil changes and maintenance on a car can add up. Nissan's
electric car, the Leaf, takes away some of those costs. But, the Leaf isn't
cheap ...

Electric bikes prohibited on Acadia National Park carriage roads in ME
Kelly said the carriage road ban applies to “modes of transportation with
internal combustion engines and to electric vehicles such as Segways,
eBikes& hoverboards ...
EVLN: ecar NI removing less used Fivemiletown EVSE that have instructions in
Village electric car charging point to be removed, as it had only been used
eight times ...
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