On request - here more details about the Nissan Leaf contactor box:


The black plastic box is almost 11" long and 4-3/4 wide, less than 3"


The mounting is by the ears of the two main contactors, the box hangs
off the contactors.


The 2011-2012 Leaf battery also has the current sensor in this box,

but the 2013+ (which is pictured) has moved the current sensor to the

disconnect switch bus bar, so the wiring to the contactor box is

to have just the 6 pins for the 3 contactor coils (at 12V).

The white connector is at the side closest to the outside HV connector,

the short side with the bevel is the battery side.

The contactor bolt closest to the bevel is the negative battery contact,

the contactor bolt closest to the white connector is the positive output
connector contact.


The preload resistor and contactor (with the 4 white blade plugs) are

The resistor is 40W, 30 Ohms so it spikes to 13A of pre-charge on 390V


The two brownish blade plugs that seem to protrude from the long side
adjacent to the

pre-charge contactor, are wired in parallel to the main output plug,
there is a secondary

plug on later vehicles that is used for the heater power, early Leafs
fed the heater from

the power distribution box which was eliminated on later vehicles.

Also a small glass, sand-filled fuse is mounted in that heater circuit.


The Leaf battery goes up to 395V and its drivetrain has 90kW rating, so
this contactor

must be rated for over 200A continuous. The fuse in the service
disconnect is rated 225A.

I can also provide the bus bar and external HV "outlet", I even have the
plug that goes

into that "outlet" which is triple-secured from unplugging, that is why
most plugs that you

find on dismantled cars are broken, you need some finesse to figure out
how to unlatch

without forcing and breaking the plug. Here is the set:



Note that the two HV connectors also have a thin wire and 2-pin plug
coming from each,

that is because each connector has 2 small pins that get shorted when
the mating plug

is inserted fully, to detect when it is safe to close the contactors and
send power out of

the connectors.

Hope this gives some idea about the contactor box,




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Great find, Lee!
I have many contactors that I do not know what to do with,
since I have taken several Leaf packs apart and I typically am left
with the contactor box, which has two main contactors for 200+ Amps
and one small contactor for pre-charge, all in one nice unit and
by 3 separate 12V circuits wired to a plug.
Anyone interested, send me a private message.

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