Al Li-Ion batteries that I have seen are pouches.
Prismatic cells? Cut one open and you will see a bundle of pouches
attached to the two connecting bolts on top.
Nissan Leaf modules? 4 pouches in the Alu module case.
So, find the right size pouches, slide a good set back into the case and
add a BMS (repaired or new).

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As far as I can see the Zuumer is another orphan electric vehicle.  So
if I want to run the vehicle..which is in almost perfect condition, I
will have to rebuild the pack. Two 25.6v batteries for 51.2v system
voltage. The cells are pouches.  Each when fully charged is 4vdc.  3.6
nominal.  I counted 7 pouches each 10 inches long in the pack.  LiMn2O4.
These are not very good cells but were used 10 years ago because they
were relatively safe with only 500 cycles.  I'd just love to refill the
battery cases with modern cells but what to get? It is so confusing.  It
would be nice to be able to reuse the cases & chargers.  The cases slide
into the top plate of the battery compartment.  Can't seem to find many
11 ah modules at 3.6vdc.  Most at the 11ah level are pouches.  My
battery doesn't seem to have BMS which is why I have fully charged cells
and dead cells side by side.  I may be able to make one full battery
between the two batteries but that won't do me much good.  Are there
  rechargeable D cell size 11 ah batteries out there?  What is a good
compromise?  It seems that I may with newer technology go down slightly
in voltage from 3.6 to 3.2v and gain ah.  What to do?  Any advice
welcome.  Sincerely, Lawrence Rhodes Original specs.: 

..25.6v 11ah 280wh part number ZCB-000150 29.4v charger It takes two 11
ah packs to run the Zummer each fully charged at around 28vdc.  51.2v
nominal voltage for the Zuumer system to work. Fully charged 56vdc
KP2403TL Charger
p/B00KKRXHS0 This is almost identical to my packs.  Just a different
connector for the charger.  Same bottom electrical connector.  But no
locks.  Mine have locks on the bottom next to the connector.
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