So, my expectation of connecting your Leaf modules to the two GC
batteries with the
10 AWG wire is that the Leaf modules will hardly sag, just go down with
being discharged over time,
the wire will not drop more than a few tens of volts and thus the GC
batteries will be
pushed close to 16V with the current probably somewhere in the 20 - 40
Amp range.

Or maybe the insulation on my jumper cables will start to melt and smoke will shoot out of little holes.....[had that happen one time....] I guess it all depends upon the internal resistance of those golf cart batteries....

The GC batteries will be fizzing and bubbling gas from being
over-charged, but that is all.

(I'd probably disconnect them once they reached 14.5-15 volts...this isn't something I'd leave unattended....)

Try it and you will find out, this is just my expectation.

The other option is that I have a 500 watt 12 volt power supply, so I may just use that to "top up" the lead acid batteries from full pack voltage.

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