... if only there were CHAdeMO fast chargers in Barstow, Baker, and Primm
... 2013 Leaf ...

The highway those cities are are on I-15. Assuming you leave your LA home
and connect to I-15, the first L3 going east from LA is at Victorville and
reading the plugshare.com comments, you would have to stay with your Leaf to
repeatedly restart your L3 charge as it shuts itself off before it should
(eVgo sez they'll investigate).

>From there it is not only a water-less desert but, also a L3& j1772-less
desert until you get to Las Vegas.

I'll assume your 2013 Leaf EV has the L2-6kW on-board charger. There are
plenty of L2 charging on that route, but even the quickest L2 method of
charging to 80%SOC, unplug, & go to the next EVSE, would take 3hours at each

15 minutes at Victorville on eVgo's L3 +
14400 Bear Valley Rd., Victorville, CA 92392

3hrs at Barstow on RV-park L2 (expensive, negotiate during the day, bring a
14-50 to j1772 6kW EVSE)+
36445 Soapmine Rd, Barstow CA 92311

3hrs at Baker on RV-park L2 (call during the day to arrange, bring a 14-50
to j1772 6kW EVSE) +
56370 Death Valley Rd, Baker, CA 92364

3hrs at Primm on Chargepoint's L2 +
100 West Primm Blvd., Primm, NV 89019

15min at Henderson on eVgo's L3
2601 Wigwam Pkwy, Henderson, NV 89074 

Combined, that's 10+hours of L3+L2 charging from Victorville to Las Vegas
(20+hrs if you only have a 3kW on-board charger), and it is expensive and

But if you really-really wanted to, it could be done (that is the kind of
wackadoodle EV-adventure-driving I did in the 90's to prove an EV could do
it. But today, with 200+mi production EVs and public L3 EVSE, we should not
need to).

So, why isn't there a contiguous chain of public L3&L2 on I-15?
There has been a whole-lot of pr talk about it:


 but nothing completed/accomplished. Trying other sources, looking for
public EVSE along I-15:


 shows nothing more.
Bottom line: You would have to bring your own 6kW EVSE with a 14-50 plug on
it and also be stuck paying way too much to charge.

IMO: ever since the erratic, bizarre, fed administration was elected, it has
been an unreliable entity. From a business standpoint, I can see that
uncertainty being why EVSE companies do not feel they have an incentive nor
reason to complete the installation of public EVSE between LA and Las Vegas
(I don't like it, but there it is in all its self-absorbed glory).

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