brucedp5 wrote:
>>  ... if only there were CHAdeMO fast chargers in Barstow, Baker, and Primm
>> ... 2013 Leaf ...
[crazy stuff elided :-) ]

> So, why isn't there a contiguous chain of public L3&L2 on I-15?
> There has been a whole-lot of pr talk about it:
>  but nothing completed/accomplished. Trying other sources, looking for
> public EVSE along I-15:
>  shows nothing more.
suggests VW's going to build 3 L3 chargers along I-15.

BMW and Nissan are investing elsewhere:

Nissan is also investing in SF to Tahoe:

I guess it's just a matter of time.  Well, I wasn't in any hurry,
my 2013 Leaf has to die first so I can get an EV with a battery
that can handle longer road trips.  Maybe 2021 :-)
- Dan
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