EVLN: Media wrong again> Irma hurricane did not stop FL EVrs from getting a
Letters: Electric car meant no Irma gas lines
The writer of “Electric vehicles faced challenges” (Sept. 18) couldn't have
been more wrong ... It was fantastic having electric ...
EVLN: Polaris GEM nEVs auton in Detroit-MI> fun that MN co's are jumping
into the ring
May Mobility Robotics expert May Mobility outfitted Polaris' electric GEM
vehicles with self-driving technology that it will test in downtown Detroit
from Oct. 9 to 13 ...
EVLN: unveils Electric farm for export& domestic
NEW DELHI: Farm equipment maker Escorts today unveiled a range of tractors,
including an electric concept, for both export and domestic markets. The
company has launched tractors ranging between 22 HP to 90 HP under Farmtrac
and Powertrac brands …

Shifty-battery caused WMU School of Aviation airport-EV fire> MI-fd
Firefighters said the fire was actually a smoldering battery compartment in
an electric vehicle. Firefighters said a battery had shifted causing the
fire ...
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