That's a great story, Bob, thanks!

I admit I'm a bit more selfish, in that this particular church is about
at the limit of the Leaf's range from my house, so I expect to be using
the charger every time I'm there ;-)  But the point about the sign is
right on target, and I've gotten the message about level-1 outlets as well.

Cal Frye <>

> Robert Bruninga via EV <>
> September 24, 2017 at 11:29 PM
> My church put up two EV CHARGING OUTLET signs over two outdoor outlets in
> 2010, and that has made our church as a leader in the community for going
> Green.
> See
> Now we have 6 out of an active congregation of about 60 that have bought
> EV's! We have also gone solar, and heatpump! Most recent person just
> bought a Bolt!
> And yet still those two signs out in the parking lot serve as a BEACON to
> everyone who comes to our church or visits. ANd in those 7 years since we
> put up the signs, I have charged there twice, and one other person once.
> BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT. The point is that everyone who comes to our
> church sees the signs and KNOWS that they can charge if they need to.
> Sure, 2 hours on an L1 outlet only gains 8 miles range. But 95% of our
> attenders drive less than that to church! Duh...
... snip ...
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