When my wife goes to Church, it is a minimum of 2 hours before leaving

And Potluck after or committee meetings before can make that 3 hours.  And
at 3 hours, then you can pick up 12 miles on a 120v outlet.  Not all that
much, but if it makes you get home with some room to spare, then that is
all you need…

The advantage of L1 is that the risk of people stealing power just because
it is there is minimized.  No one wants to leave their car at a church
where there is noting to do for 5 hours just to steal $1 of electricity.


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That's a great story, Bob, thanks!

I admit I'm a bit more selfish, in that this particular church is about at
the limit of the Leaf's range from my house, so I expect to be using the
charger every time I'm there ;-)  But the point about the sign is right on
target, and I've gotten the message about level-1 outlets as well.

Cal Frye

Robert Bruninga via EV <ev@lists.evdl.org>

September 24, 2017 at 11:29 PM

My church put up two EV CHARGING OUTLET signs over two outdoor outlets in 2010,
and that has made our church as a leader in the community for going Green.

See http://aprs.org/AFM-EVs.html

Now we have 6 out of an active congregation of about 60 that have bought EV's!
We have also gone solar, and heatpump! Most recent person just bought a

And yet still those two signs out in the parking lot serve as a BEACON
to everyone
who comes to our church or visits. ANd in those 7 years since we put up the
signs, I have charged there twice, and one other person once.

BUT THAT IS NOT THE POINT. The point is that everyone who comes to our church
sees the signs and KNOWS that they can charge if they need to.

Sure, 2 hours on an L1 outlet only gains 8 miles range. But 95% of our
drive less than that to church! Duh...

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