EVLN: Today's EV motor magnets using rare-earth metals, are as essential as
it gets
Rare-earth metals in magnets for electric-car motors: what you need to know
It's not surprising that the powertrains of electric cars differ quite a bit
from …
EVLN: Her 2day Atlanta-GA to Asheville-NC Bolt EV Experience> (waiting on
L2= bummer)
It’s not everyday that you get a really cool email from a brand asking you
to do something kinda out of the norm lol ... Fiddle Dee Dee with me and
make it a fun “girls road trip” …
EVLN: Renault Symboiz concept> an auton EV becomes a spare-room
This Electric Driverless Car Becomes a Spare Room When It’s Not On The Road
Curbed's Asad Syrkett takes a look at the latest innovation in the
driverless …
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