Being short does not mean that they are being on Tesla's failure. They are 
betting that the stock will go down from where it is.

I don't short stocks, because the potential loss on a short is infinite.

But if you look at the stock price, you'll see that the current price is 
extremely high based on any traditional valuation. But it always has been - 
that's how the stock gas been behaving up to now.

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> On Oct 9, 2017, at 6:43 AM, Robert Bruninga via EV <> wrote:
> I finally bought some Tesla stock.  THe only stock I own.
> I just wanted to contribute to his vision independent of whether it made
> any money or not.  But our "finincial advisor" said she could not process
> the order becaue she and her company is bound by the fiduciary rule from
> letting me do anything that is not in my best interest!  SHe said that her
> company consideres Tesla as over priced by at east a factor of two and not
> viable.
> OK, now what?  So she established another account that was not bound by the
> feduciary rule and I bought a few shares.
> THen an article this weekend lends light and opened my eyes.  FUlly 27% or
> almost one thrid of Tesla investors are short, meaning all their stock is
> BETTING on Tesla's FAILURE.  So of course, when ever they comment on Tesla
> they bash it, and try to scare other investors away, because every time the
> stock goes up, they lose millions.
> Screw em!  Go Tesla Go!
> Bob
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