I've had some time to look at John's ZillaDash program and it is pretty robust. 
 It includes a dashboard editor that is great.  The tablet I bought has a 1920 
X 1080 native screen resolution which I was able to easily build a custom 
dashboard for.  I can't believe what a nice setup this is for only $80.


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And just to blow my own horn, you may want to take a look at ZillaDash

I currently am testing nice little unit with a 7" display that you can mount in 
your car.

On Tue Sep 26 09:01:30 PDT 2017 ev@lists.evdl.org said:
>I just purchased one of these 
> to run ZillaView http://www.evgear.com.au/zillaview.html  and it works great.
>If you  have a Zilla controller, it makes for a great $80 meter that shows 
>lots of interesting real time information in a very readable format.


Try my Sensible Email package!  https://sourceforge.net/projects/sensibleemail/
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