Note that all those EVs replace gasoline cars and by typically being
more efficient as well as partial powered by renewables,
mean that the *big picture* is shifting from all-oil to partial
renewables by being converted from pure gasoline
to electric power.
BTW, here in California, I often hear the statement that approx half the
EV purchases also lead to PV installs to avoid
pushing the EV consumption into the highest tariff, in addition there is
a movement to Community Choice Energy
which means that the monopoly of the electric utility is broken when
several communities come together and
organise a structure that purchases energy for those communities.
Typically they offer a default choice with 50% fully renewable energy
and for a penny or so more, you can get 100%.
So, there is also a growing group of residents (and cities and
companies) who do nothing, but get their energy from
more renewable sources, by virtue of being in a community that organises
a CCE structure.

So yeah, a lot is happening that is not visble unless you know what is
going on and place it in the right perspective.
And Wind and Solar are still getting more competitive, while coal and
oil are only getting more expensive and
by that basic economy alone, fossil fuels are losing despite subsidies
and renewables are accelerating.

BTW, the message that electric consumption has grown is in direct
contrast with something that I saw earlier tonight
that said that electric consumption was down in the past years due to
more efficient appliances, I immediately had to
think about how every city that I know is converting all street lighting
and traffic lights to LED to reduce their bills.
Maybe they were not talking about the same field or country or market
segment, I don't know. Just weird to hear
two opposite statements the same night.

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This is a very informative article. One interesting statement was:

"(Note that while the low-carbon share is at record highs, renewables'
share of the mix remains slightly below where it was in 1960. This is
due to the growth of overall electricity demand.)"

If we assume EV use will increase the electrical demand at a rate
greater than the decrease caused by increased efficiency, then in the
next 20 years electrical demand will increase.  Unlike the period 2009 -
2016 where the electrical demand decreased. Using the statement above as
a guide and information from the article, renewables share of the mix
will decrease and natural gas share will increase.  This would be the
conclusion from the article; however, I am not sure I agree.

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The interesting thing about this carbon brief map is that my 5kw array
is not listed.  My installation predates a number of the large 5+ MW
installations that are highlighted when moused over.  It would take a
thousand of my type of installations to make up one yellow dot on the
map but I know that there are such roof top installations in this state
just by the sheer number of solar installation companies and by how long
they have been in business.

I am wondering if this map is under reporting the amount of solar
sourced generation taking place?  And if so, are other sources of
information under reporting the total amount of electricity being
generated?  We may be "cleaner" than we think.  Also, what about solar
hot water?

On Thu, Oct 19, 2017 at 11:46 PM, Rush Dougherty via EV


Mapped: How the US generates electricity | Carbon
For the first time Carbon Brief has plotted the United States' power
stations in an interactive map to show how and where the US generates

> Here is an excellent site,, that has a great 
> interactive graphic about how we generate our electricity. This kind 
> of website should be extremely useful in the future if the EPA and 
> other governmental websites do not publish public information.
> Take AZ for example. If I rem correctly, an area 10 miles by 10 miles 
> of solar panels could generate enough electricity for the AZ usage 
> alone, but yet we have the majority of our elec produced by gas, coal 
> and nuclear... which I am sure is much more than 10 miles square of 
> the power plans, train tracks, gas lines etc.
> The problem as we all know is storage... but it seems like that 
> problem is going to be solved, or is already solved if we just start 
> manufacturing enough storage capacity.
> Rush Dougherty
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