Lawrence Rhodes via EV wrote:
I had a Jet Courier truck using the same controller.  It was reliable.
However a simple Curtis/Chopper controller is much easier to set up and I bet
someone would donate one to Gramps if asked. They are also more efficient.

The EV-1 is pretty efficient; notice that it has no fans or heatsinks. There is also a "bypass" mode where it closes a contactor so it's simply straight through to the battery (100% efficient).

The hangup is that the EV-1 has no input filter capacitors; so nothing prevents the battery from seeing its pulsing on/off current. This didn't matter with huge industrial batteries. But it's hard on small batteries, whose Peukert exponent means that their amphour capacity is less when drawing (say) a 0a - 200a pulsating current instead of 100a continuous current.

Modern controllers use a big bank of electrolytic filter capacitors on their input. They also run at 15 KHz or more, which reduces the size of the capacitors needed. The EV-1 runs at more like 1.5 KHz, so it would need 10 times more capacitance to accomplish this filtering.

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