In many ways California is indeed a foreign country. I've often wondered if
I should move from Louisiana back to California or perhaps back to the
state of Washington.

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> This question was posed on Quora, and I thought I'd pass it along.
> Peri
> Who made Tesla Model S?
> (Top Answer)
> I have had the experience with my Tesla Roadster of a man asking me, “Who
> makes that car??” and I replied “Tesla.”
> “Yes, but who makes it?”
> “Tesla. Tesla Motors.”
> Still a blank look. Clearly if I had answered Ford, GM, BMW, or Mercedes,
> he would have nodded and walked away. Instead there was this “DOES NOT
> COMPUTE” look in his face that spoke volumes. I could see him thinking: It
> looks like a real car, like something a, ya know, real car company would
> build. So what car company, one that I’ve heard of, actually builds it?
> “So it’s a foreign car, then,” he finally said.
> “No, this one was built in Palo Alto, just a few miles away. And the Model
> S is built in Fremont. It’s not only an American car, it’s a Californian
> car!”
> The questioner wandered away, befuddled and assuming I was either pulling
> his leg or out of my mind.
> One argument the Texans have made against allowing sales by Tesla (which
> does not use conventional car dealerships) is that they should not
> encourage the sales of “foreign” cars. Of course, now that I think about
> it, California might as well be a foreign country to a Texan, so maybe it’s
> not as ignorant as it sounds.
> I look forward to a day that people do not have to ask questions like "Who
> made Tesla Model S?”.
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