Honda has unveiled a new all-electric sports car concept at the 2017 Tokyo
Motor Show. The two-seater sports car that follows the Honda’s Urban EV
concept has been placed between the Civic Type R and NSX by the company.
The original Urban EV concept was showcased at the Frankfurt Motor Show
earlier this year and has been confirmed to enter production in 2019.
However, no such details regarding the new sports EV concept have been
provided by Honda.

The sports EV adopts a retro-inspired look with round headlamps and square
taillights. The elongated bonnet and coupe-like roofline add to its
traditional sports car looks. An illuminated front badge, however, speaks
about its technological advancements.

No technical details have been provided yet except a company statement
saying the car uses artificial intelligence. It’s a two-seater car and
considering its sporty nature, it would be safe to assume it a
rear-wheel-drive vehicle.

"Honda has been developing products that will lead to the creation of a
carbon-free society," speaks Mr Hachigo-san, CEO, Honda. "We will create
products which will enhance convenience for the customer. This new Sports EV
is a new proposal form Honda, developed to show the joy of driving in an
electric car."

Honda claims that two-third of its cars sold globally will be electrified by
2030. Further, the company is targeting to achieve this target in Europe by
2025 only. The sports EV will play a crucial part in Honda's global
electrification strategy.

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