I got an idea from an old VW ad.  
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vATQaJmUdh8Just how much can you cut from the 
skin and chassis use lighter wheels and springs and still have some safety.  
For instance if you hacked up a VW van and put a Leaf Drive train or even 
smaller like a Chevy Spark or Smart drive train.  Reinforced with carbon fiber. 
 Do some aero mods.  I bet you could get the shell of a VW Bus from the 90's 
down to under 1500 pounds.  Our little friend the VW bug was chopped rather 
severely but at a lighter weight it doesn't have to be so strong.  Just 
thinking out loud on how to make a viable solar vehicle without breaking the 
bank. The shell of the vehicle would be your guide.  You could easily chop the 
top.  So many places carbon fiber could be used to fill in the chopped parts 
and strengthen the vehicle.  Lawrence Rhodes   
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