I have not been following all of the "look at us, we now have charging"
newswires, because I have backed off/away from posting as much of those
since now a lot of the previous evdl nabble archive capabilities have been
taken away. So, I know less than before, but nothing comes to mind of an
item smacking/hitting me in the face about one touting what good EV deeds OR
has done by putting in e-hwy L3 EVSE.

A look at plugshare.com shows a huge void/desert lacking in L3, especially
ccs. But plugshare does show a well distributed gob of 10kW RV parks with
14-50's for hire (not cheap nor free). The problem with those is you have to
adapt and carry a 6kW EVSE with you. You won't get all 10kW from those 14-50
outlets you are paying for.

A way around that is to throw money at it for a only a modest charging

There are combo EVSE you can buy that will pull from a 14-50 (but they are
no cheap, nor are you getting the quickie 50kW you want you might as well
throw you hands up and plug into a public 6kW EVSE and call it a night).

Plugshare shows only a couple L3 ccs combo EVSE in OR and they are up where
you are near Portland. Those few ccs L3 EVSE plugshare showed, were mostly
greenlots EVSE, and a opconnect.
I peeked and poked around various EVSe company sites showed a couple more
ccs EVSE that was not shown on plugshare (hmm, plugshare drivers are getting

A simple search gave some links for you to explore, and make contact with
EVSE businesses and e-hwy people to hit them up to install more ccs:






IMO, if I were in your busy (need to travel) professional shoes, I would go
for that lease limiting yourself to a nil L3 ccs infrastructure. Event an EV
that uses CHAdeMO may not serve all your needs.
Not when for $43k you can get a used Tesla-S 60 with free supercharging, or
for $51k a Tesla-S 85 with free supercharging:

(I used Portland zip code 97203, and limited searches to $60k or less,
sorted by price)

Good luck on your decision. I hope your choice suits your EV driving needs
(and budget).

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