I think Toyota viewed the Prius as a risk, and it took several years for it to 
start making money. Perhaps it was also their way damping criticism of pulling 
the RAV-4 EV from the market. I don't know.

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> On Nov 21, 2017, at 10:08 AM, Peri Hartman via EV <ev@lists.evdl.org> wrote:
> I think, for better or worse, they are simply saying that they want to stay 
> out of the early adopter market. I don't think they are saying they want to 
> stay out of EVs, long run.
> The prius, although its initial market was small, was instantly a mass market 
> vehicle. It was a comfortably sized sedan, not too expensive, and operated in 
> a way people were used to. Short range (100 miles) EVs or long range EVs 
> don't have all those characteristics yet.
> My guess is that once battery technology allows a cheaper, lighter pack and 
> charging infrastructure typically provides, say, 100kW, Toyota will jump in.
> Peri
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>> Classic statements from an entrenched player caught in a disruptive market.  
>> "The new thing is too expensive and doesn't do everything it should" until 
>> suddenly it does, and offers new benefits.
>> I'm actually hoping the Toyota/Mazda joint venture works out because I have 
>> always liked Mazda cars and I was concerned they were being left behind.
>> However, I'm not convinced that Toyota is taking this seriously enough.  
>> Time will tell.
>> Mike
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