Tesla Model X goes drifting off-road in the Arabian desert
Dec. 3rd 2017  Fred Lambert


(Saudi Tesla Club @TeslaKsaClub
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Tesla's drifting in Arabian desert
1:47 PM - Dec 2, 2017

Would you take your new $100,000+ electric car off-roading? Some people do
it with their new Tesla Model X.

We have seen increasing use of the all-electric SUV off-road and the latest
example comes from a Model X owner drifting off-road in the Arabian desert.

In another example earlier this year, we saw a Tesla Model X being used
off-road as a tractor on a vineyard in Austria.

It was a strange yet interesting example of using a Model X as a work
vehicle in a farming environment and we have seen other similar examples

But now we are talking about a pure recreative use off-road – more similar
to my experience with the Nikola Zero electric UTV last month.

The Tesla Owners Club of Saudi Arabia sent us a cool video of a Model X
drifting off-road in the Arabian desert, which makes for some impressive

Saudi Arabia is known for some popular car stunts, especially driving on two
wheels, but you need to be able to get enough momentum to almost flip the
vehicle in order to do that and the Model X is almost impossible to flip
thanks to its low center of gravity due to the battery pack.

Instead, they did the next best thing and drifted the vehicle in the desert,
which is probably a less dangerous but nonetheless cool-looking stunt.

Tesla has yet to officially launch in Saudi Arabia, but the automaker has
announced its intention to enter the market when it launched in the middle
east earlier this year – starting with the United Arab Emirates.

The country has a significant automotive market, especially for luxury
vehicles like Tesla’s, and evidently, buyers have already started to import
vehicles without the help of Tesla.

That’s a practice that has been somewhat popular in markets where Tesla has
yet to enter, but it comes with some significant drawbacks. Of course, the
biggest problem is service. If Tesla has no service center in the market, it
can be difficult to get your car serviced. Some end up shipping their car to
another country or sometimes, Tesla offers to send out a technician.

Other problems, like charging, onboard internet services, and navigation,
are sometimes more difficult or not available if Tesla is not officially
supporting the market yet.

But it apparently doesn’t stop Saudis from drifting their Teslas in the
sand. Looks like a ton of fun!

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joemichele Protoplanetary Nebula • 30 minutes ago
I think it's called, Too Much Money and No Brains. When someone does this
with a car of this caliber..They'll be the ones to complain like crazy when
something breaks ...
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