EVLN: Tesla-S P100D EV smokes a Porsche 911 R ice (v)
... (up to a point) ... simply letting the all-wheel-drive electric sedan's
accelerator mashing launch procedure. The Porsche losing this drag race
really shouldn't be a shock ... What is surprising is how much Harris likes
this heavy luxe barge EV on the road ...
EVLN: (koch-bros-koolaid)> EVs will NOT doom your neighborhood auto mechanic
... 'experts say'(?), it could wash away a large ... a car dealer’s income
comes from repairs ... you can wave goodbye to changing timing belts,
differential fluid and transmission fluid ... brake pad replacements are
less frequent because regenerative braking ...

Dodge Omni-Based Jet Electrica 007 Is A Chrysler With Kilowatts> (was an
Somewhere around the early 1980s, the electric vehicle company Jet
Industries had the genius idea of electrifying Dodge's Omni 024 coupe ...
already looked like a child's drawing of a sporty hatchback, but Jet decided
to make it “better” by sticking an electric motor in it and seeing what
happened ...
To fully-charge faster than in 15 seconds is totally unnecessary
Will Electric Vehicles Ever Be Able To Fully Charge In Ten Minutes …
When do you think (if ever) electric … Will electric cars ever be able to
fully charge in ten minutes or less? ... We’re already way faster than five
minutes ...

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