In the past I have mentioned that I am spending time doing tasks and
research to relocate (to more affordable digs). I thank the people who have
helped advise me offline (especially Willie), so I can keep my head straight
and aimed toward achieving my goal. I have made decisions and actions (like
a commitment) toward that goal. If all goes well I will begin my trip on

Not to go into all the details ... how this will impact my EVLN posts we
will have to see. Knowing my energy levels are not as high as when I was a
younger man, I am limiting my driving time before stopping for an over night
motel stay (this might be a rather painful week long trip for others, but
this trip will be at a slow enough pace so I do not over tax/load myself. I
plan to avoid large cities to minimize traffic jams, etc. (map)

There may be days when I do not post, or days where I post a couple of days
worth. I am hoping, my slower pace method (and motel WiFi) will allow me the
energy levels& connectivity  to make this transition seamless.

A lot of challenges await this old-man, but I am hoping for the best.

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