I agree 100%.
Folks forget that it takes significant energy to tow even a small trailer. Much more than one would think. Probably more energy than the panels produce, especially at highway speeds.

Best to leave them on the roof of your house, or put them on a "solar shed" for your car to park under at work.

Bill D.

On 12/29/2017 8:27 AM, Robert Bruninga via EV wrote:
Personally, I think a mobile array for a vehicle is a fools errand, or
maybe a pass-time for the independently wealthy.

Its sure is.  I have solar panels all over the roof of my two priuses.  I
tell people that it makes 0.1% economic sense to do it.

The smaller panels that fit the roof of a car cost TEN times as much per
watt as the big ones on my house.  And my house has ONE HUNDRED TIMES more
surface area.  Therefore the value of solar on my car is one thousand times
less practical.

ALso, WHen I tow even my small 6 foot solar trailer (300 watts) behind my
prius, my gas mileage goes down from 55 MPG down to 42 MPG.  Meanwhile it
is only producing enough power to gain only a single 1 MPG even on the best
summer day.

So again, the math makes no sense whatsoever.

The value to me of my solar panels is to have power in the field while
parked at camping and Ham radio events.

Makes NO SENSE for traction and propulsion.  See my solar car and trailer.

Now putting solar panels on top of an RV that is used 1% of the time and
spends the other 99% of the time plugged into one's own home grid-tied,
does make sense.  Since it is providing full retail electricity 99% of the
time while parked.


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