Robert Bruninga via EV wrote:
Forget that solar trailer lunacy... what I want to build is an RV trailer
for the BOLT.

I want to add a complex sliding panel system to streamline the car with the
trailer so that they become one for aerodynimics, but can make a reasonable
turn and handle dips in the road too.

That does sound challenging. I wonder if it might be easier to build the trailer so you back the Bolt into it with its rear wheels inside the trailer (not on the ground). Then lock the Car in place. Remove the back tires from the car for ground clearance, and so it still sits level to have proper front wheel alignment. Now you have a 4-wheel motor home. :-)

Still a lot of work.

I've thought about this sort of thing, too. I think a better approach would be the one that Dave Peterson used to build the Ultravan motor home. He was an aircraft designer, so he built his motor home out of sheet aluminum, riveted together. It looked like the fuselage of an airplane; very light and streamlined. Then he removed the drive train from a Chevy Corvair, and mounted them in the Ultravan. The end result was an aerodynamic 22' motor home that weighed about the same and got the same gas mileage as the Corvair donor car.

Do the same sort of thing, but use a Bolt or your favorite car as a donor.

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