Actually, I just remembered my dad's ONE=WHEEL trailer.  That was rigid to
the car and could then only have to articulate vertically... but then
having a high wheel and suspension in the middle of the RV space is a

I wonder what the laws are on those?  You couls really smak some things
during a slow sharp turn if it was too long.


On Mon, Jan 1, 2018 at 1:09 PM, Lee Hart via EV <> wrote:

> Robert Bruninga via EV wrote:
>> Forget that solar trailer lunacy... what I want to build is an RV trailer
>> for the BOLT.
>> I want to add a complex sliding panel system to streamline the car with
>> the
>> trailer so that they become one for aerodynimics, but can make a
>> reasonable
>> turn and handle dips in the road too.
> That does sound challenging. I wonder if it might be easier to build the
> trailer so you back the Bolt into it with its rear wheels inside the
> trailer (not on the ground). Then lock the Car in place. Remove the back
> tires from the car for ground clearance, and so it still sits level to have
> proper front wheel alignment. Now you have a 4-wheel motor home. :-)
> Still a lot of work.
> I've thought about this sort of thing, too. I think a better approach
> would be the one that Dave Peterson used to build the Ultravan motor home.
> He was an aircraft designer, so he built his motor home out of sheet
> aluminum, riveted together. It looked like the fuselage of an airplane;
> very light and streamlined. Then he removed the drive train from a Chevy
> Corvair, and mounted them in the Ultravan. The end result was an
> aerodynamic 22' motor home that weighed about the same and got the same gas
> mileage as the Corvair donor car.
> Do the same sort of thing, but use a Bolt or your favorite car as a donor.
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