You are missing the point.

The batteries WILL be there in every EV on the planet.  And with just
something like 75% penetration, the amount of energy in those batteries is
something like 5 times the TOTAL grid capacity of the entire USA (or
something like that).

Ignoring the potential of that amount of storage is pretty foolish.  I'm
just saying that engineers and economists will eventually see the light and
the marriage of solar power and all that ALREADY invested battery storage
will merge in magical ways.   Such as charging with excess solar and driving
more at night in those jobs that can easily accommodate the shift.   Such as
EV mail and package delivery... Bob, WB4APR

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I disagree on the batteries are "there."  I doubt we can store the "energy
of man" in batteries.  And currently we are no where near close to that.
It is too much, and we won't be able to use batteries for that kind of
massive storage.

I think Musk estimated 250 Gigfactories just to do all EVs, let alone other
industrial and residential uses.

The grid is a super storage medium.  If we were more interconnected
worldwide, then a series of large solar arrays could do it all.  You just
need enough of them facing the sun at any given time and then batteries can
take their better place as mobile storage. This arrangement beats the heck
out of digging all the copper and cobalt needed for stationary storage.

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> Thanks for the LIVE California load page. That page today shows the
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> The batteries in EV's are there.
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