I am assembling a few Batt-Bridges.
In the description it specifies D2 & D3 are "red high-efficiency LED" & D1 is 
just a green LED.

...in the written description down below it says: "Use an ordinary low 
brightness green" & "the red LED's should be high brightness types -- the 
brighter the better, so you can see them even in daylight.

So, we have 

...a. "red high-efficiency LED"

...b. "the red LED's should be high-brightness types"

...c. looking on-line I have found LED's labeled as "ultra bright"

All say about the same thing (I think) but, it's NOT CRYSTAL CLEAR for the lay 
person (your average DIY guy or gal)

...for the record, which LED's are the "right" ones for building a Batt-Bridge?

...what is the "proper" size/gauge wire to be used on Batt-Bridges?

(It will carry pack voltage but, only ~10 - 20ma) 
Thanks,          Kevin      Functional Artist to use?
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