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I am assembling a few Batt-Bridges.
In the description it specifies D2 & D3 are "red high-efficiency LED" & D1 is 
just a green LED. the written description down below it says: "Use an ordinary low brightness green" 
& "the red LED's should be high brightness types -- the brighter the better, so you can 
see them even in daylight.

All say about the same thing (I think) but, it's NOT CRYSTAL CLEAR for the lay 
person (your average DIY guy or gal)

Yes, they are all saying the same thing. There are no good definitions for LED efficiency and brightness, so I had to use generic terms.

...for the record, which LED's are the "right" ones for building a Batt-Bridge?

Electrically, what matters is the voltage drop across the diodes. The *color* (or more precisely, the wavelength in nanometers) of an LED largely determines this. The green LED should be about 565nm and drop about 2.1v at 10ma. The red LEDs should be about 635nm and have drop of about 1.8v at 10mA.

Visually, the LEDs can be whatever color and brightness you want, as long as the voltage drops are about right. Since the green LED is on all the time (it just tells you the Batt-Bridge has power), you don't want it to be annoyingly bright. The red LEDs indicate trouble, so you want them to be bright enough to notice, even on a sunny day.

...what is the "proper" size/gauge wire to be used on Batt-Bridges?
(It will carry pack voltage but, only ~10 - 20ma)

The current is low, so just about any size wire will work. Choose it for mechanical strength and insulation quality rather than wire size.

Be sure the insulation on the wire is good enough. You're connecting these wire to your high voltage pack! Good wire will have its voltage rating printed on it, or in its data sheets.

Also, put the resistors at the battery terminal end of the wire. That way, if there is a short in the wire, the resistor will safely limit the current.

I do sell the Batt-Bridge <> But in fact, I sell only a couple a year. Most people build it themselves. So in the spirit of experimentation, it's up to them to figure out what LEDs work for their particular needs. :-)

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