Hey Darryl

Looks like we aren't getting those EV station is Nova Scotia after all:


The utility review board quashed it!

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 5:45 PM, Dan Baker <vmd...@gmail.com> wrote:

> Hey Daryl
> Great to meet another EVDL Canadian member!  Thanks for the kudos and yes
> would love to see that Elec-Trak, didn't know any actually made it to
> Canada!  I don't know David or Jeff but I certainly don't think they wanted
> their story to be used against EVs but somehow it is.  I started a FB group
> for EVs in NS and one gentleman stated that he wouldn't trade in his Prius
> for an EV until NS cleaned up their power generation.  Yes they still have
> that time of day program ( my sister has an ETS heat unit and uses it), I
> am considering it but the Volt I just got typically doesn't take that much
> electricity, will have to look at the bill when it coms and see how much
> difference it makes.
> On the Facebook EV group, there is a woman who say she bought a Leaf and
> drove it down from Ontario and used the finished New Brunswick charging
> infrastructure.  So apparently it's possible already!
> Cheers
> Dan
> On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 2:50 PM, Darryl McMahon via EV <ev@lists.evdl.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> I'm 'down the road' in Ontario, but with NS roots (Annapolis Valley and
>> Pictou County).  I've met David Swan a couple of times, and corresponded
>> with Jeff Dahn.  I enjoyed your SnowPig video (and I hope to pick up more
>> front lift motors on Friday to put my Elec-Trak snow team back into action).
>> I think Efficiency NS is likely wearing the same blinders that Ontario's
>> "Conservation First" continues to hold dear.  Focus only on grid
>> electricity use (kWh), and ignore any potential for substituting
>> renewables, going for major efficiency gains, or having any concept that
>> using more electricity could actually be the BETTER option (relative say to
>> using more natural gas, gasoline, diesel or heating oil).  (E.g., I could
>> get an incentive to shift from an electric hot water tank to a natural gas
>> hot water tank, but not to go from a natural gas hot water tank to a solar
>> pre-heat system (no electric power reduction).  The Ontario program is
>> pretty half-hearted anyway; clearly afraid of reducing baseload demand
>> which justifies continued over-investment in their CANDU nuclear fleet.
>> Nova Scotia Power used to have an incentive program for lower price
>> electricity during the overnight period for 'charging' a heat storage
>> unit.  Looks like that program is still in place. (
>> https://www.nspower.ca/en/home/for-my-home/heating-solution
>> s/electric-thermal-storage/default.aspx)  Perhaps NSP could be coaxed
>> into seeing EVs as a similar proposition, and provide TOU pricing for EV
>> households.
>> Speaking of EVs in NS, I just saw the announcement there will finally be
>> a province-wide EV network (12 stations) by summer 2018.  Hmmm, may finally
>> be able to take the trip from Ontario to NS in our 2017 Leaf this year.
>> Wind power continues to grow in NS (and the winds seem to be getting
>> stronger in recent years), and Bay of Fundy tidal remains to be tapped in a
>> significant way.
>> Darryl McMahon
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>>> So we have an interesting conundrum in my province (Nova Scotia).  NS
>>> decided to concentrate their efforts on saving energy instead of cleaning
>>> it up first.  This makes sense as the most efficient watt is the watt
>>> that
>>> was never used which I agree with.  They created an organization called
>>> Efficiency Nova Scotia, which helps our sole power company's residential
>>> and business customers save energy with credits for retrofits on
>>> lighting,
>>> industrial equipment, even data centers in which I do audits for.  It has
>>> worked great - the province is using 9% less power since 2008 despite
>>> high
>>> growth in many areas.  The power company is happy because it doesn't have
>>> to add more infrastructure, natural gas plants, etc.  The problem of
>>> course
>>> is when we start using electric cars, will that 9% disappear with the
>>> additional 10% from EVs?  How will Efficiency NS work if the grid's
>>> requirements increase?  Worse is the fact that the energy created here to
>>> charge electric vehicles still comes mostly from polluting sources - see
>>> article here
>>> http://halifaxchronicle.can.newsmemory.com/publink.php?shareid=034660fc3
>>> There is a somewhat valid argument that an electric car used in NS isn't
>>> that much better than a hybrid or even a gas car which lends some minds
>>> down here to think an EV really isn't worth it to buy or even give an
>>> incentive for.  I have argued there is a lot more EV value than just C02
>>> -
>>> where it is emitted, the lower cost of ownership, our infrastructure and
>>> attracting young talent will eventually suffer if we don't keep up with
>>> this modernization.
>>> Would love to hear your feedback!
>>> Cheers
>>> Dan
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