Bob, your woodwork on the Prius is beautiful. I have never seen anything like that.


On 1/8/2018 8:13 AM, Robert Bruninga via EV wrote:
Do it!

All of my Prius are salvage.  I fixed 'em with wood and solar panels,
since I cant do body work in metal:
Photos of black one, gold one and white one scattered over this page:

And now my dream is a BOLT with camper extension... Remove hatch, and
attach a two-caster-wheel trailer with dual rigid mounting points.  The
bed and wheels are one piece and the roof and sides attach to the removed
HATCH hinges.  Then the top and bottom overlap and can slide so that the
whole car/trailer is one aerodynamic teardrop shape for minimum drag.

And when you stop, the teardrop clamshell opens to a full height trailer
in the back with expanding canvas sides...


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