Do it!

All of my Prius are salvage.  I fixed 'em with wood and solar panels,
since I cant do body work in metal:
Photos of black one, gold one and white one scattered over this page:

And now my dream is a BOLT with camper extension... Remove hatch, and
attach a two-caster-wheel trailer with dual rigid mounting points.  The
bed and wheels are one piece and the roof and sides attach to the removed
HATCH hinges.  Then the top and bottom overlap and can slide so that the
whole car/trailer is one aerodynamic teardrop shape for minimum drag.

And when you stop, the teardrop clamshell opens to a full height trailer
in the back with expanding canvas sides...



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I have a 2014 Prius hatchback that ended up the creme filling in a
California freeway Oreo, IE: it got hit hard in the rear and driven into
the vehicle in front. Looks like the insurance company is going to total
it as the right rear quarter panel was driven forward enough to make the
right rear door stick and the rear panel in front of the bumper is toast.
Rear damage otherwise is bolt on stuff like bumper and right tail light.
Front damage is mostly just the bumper cover, radiator and core support.
No airbag deployment. Car was in beautiful condition and only has 35K on
it and still runs and drives fine. Depending on what the insurance company
wants for the buy back I was thinking of fixing it but while looking at it
the thought crossed my mind that it might be cool just to lop off the back
behind the front doors and make a light duty pickup out of it. Anyone else
done anything like this and might have suggestions as to what kind of a
little mini truck bed might work? Or suggestion  s where I might source
crash parts for this mess? Rock Auto has the radiator and the bumper bits
but not much for the rear panels I would need if I fix it back to
original. Dach.
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