This technology is a long way off, in my opinion. There are so many tricky cases where human judgment still rules.

- snow on the road, obscuring lane markings
- wet pavement at night, glare from oncoming headlights obscuring lane markings
- old paint markings
- extraneous paint, graffiti
- no lane markings, no fog line
- markings that don't align from one side of an intersection to another
- police directing traffic
- interpreting one-way street signs (maybe map data can help with this).

I'm sure there's much more. Great technology, but "autopilot" is easily misinterpreted to mean autonomous. Even in aviation, "autopilot" is not autonomous. You still need to monitor the gages, watch the air space for other air traffic, and in particular, handle landing.


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Here is the URL for the troubling video of almost another center diver crash due to bad lane striping. This time on the left. Again into the no man's land between the carpool exit lane to Route 85 and the 101 carpool lane. Lawrence Rhodes
Please discuss EV drag racing at NEDRA (

Please discuss EV drag racing at NEDRA (

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