And, eventually, with battery EV buses, we'll be able to get rid of these "folly" wires that plague our skies, here, in Seattle. To be clear, I am very glad to have the electric buses all these years (since about 1940) - quiet, clean, quick.


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In the spirit that we all stand on others' shoulders!
Charged EVs | Siemens and VW to test long-haul trucks charged by overhead power lines

Yes; he would have loved it! For those that don't know, Bob was an EV pioneer (he designed the CitiCar, for example). He also was a railroad engineer for years (for "damntrack", as he called it), and drove electric and diesel locomotives.

Of course, powering trains and buses from overhead wires is a very old idea, that has enjoyed considerable success. When I worked in Seattle WA, I regularly rode the electric city buses. In fact, that inspired this little ditty:

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