FYI - Seattle made an order for up to 73 proterra buses about a year ago. They have been testing a few over the last year - I have seen them. I've also seen some trolley buses running with the poles down. I didn't notice if they are proterra or something else. With proterra, I believe the intent is to do quick charges at the end of each route.

As for cost, among many alternatives, overhead wires are the cheapest. But I seriously doubt they are cheaper than end-route charge stations. The infrastructure - stanchions, wires, switches, transformers and power distribution, I would guess is pretty expensive.


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And, eventually, with battery EV buses, we'll be able to get rid of
these "folly" wires that plague our skies, here, in Seattle. To be
clear, I am very glad to have the electric buses all these years (since
about 1940) - quiet, clean, quick.

Wires are a simple, direct KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) way to solve the problem. If they had waited for a better technology, it would never have gotten done! :-)

I talked with one of the Seattle bus drivers. They have both electric and diesel buses. He liked the electrics better. Fewer breakdowns, and MUCH more power to climb Seattle's many hills.

As batteries improve, I can see a day when buses would only need the overhead wires to quick-charge during stops, and could run from batteries in between.

Other technologies are possible to eliminate the "ugly" overhead wires. They could get power from rails (de-energized when no trolley is on them), or inductive coils buried in the pavement, or solar panels, etc. But overhead wires are the simplest and cheapest.

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K O via EV wrote:
In the spirit that we all stand on others' shoulders!
Charged EVs | Siemens and VW to test long-haul trucks charged by
overhead power lines

Yes; he would have loved it! For those that don't know, Bob was an EV
pioneer (he designed the CitiCar, for example). He also was a railroad
engineer for years (for "damntrack", as he called it), and drove
electric and diesel locomotives.

Of course, powering trains and buses from overhead wires is a very old
idea, that has enjoyed considerable success. When I worked in Seattle
WA, I regularly rode the electric city buses. In fact, that inspired
this little ditty:

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