Ken Olum via EV wrote:
Hi, all.  I'm trying to replace the UB121350 AGM batteries that I have
in my Electric Ox.  I ordered new ones from Wholesale Batteries Direct,
but they are out and Universal Power Group is out at the warehouse also.
They recommended that I get the Bright Way Group BW EV12-155A instead,
for a few dollars more.  Anyone have any experience with Bright Way?  I
have had good experience with Universal Power, and know nothing about
Bright Way.  The specs on their battery claim 1000 cycles to 50% DOD,
which is pretty impressive for AGM, though that is not so important in a
lawn tractor that you don't use every day.  They claim 10 year calendar
life, also quite impressive and more relevant to me.

I have no experience or knowledge about Bright Way batteries. But suspicious old me says that 1000 cycles from an AGM is an extreme claim. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. Where's their proof?

You may want to check to see if Bright Way is just some outfit that buys nameless batteries in China and slaps their own labels on them. In that case, they could be anything. They know darned well that you can't verify their claims until after they have disappeared with your money.

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