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I do think that there are many normal consumers who will want an EV. For some of those, it may be icing on the cake, and not the primary reason for the purchase. And for those normal consumers, for the first time ever, they have CHOICE! Even among the Tesla’s.

Do I buy a Tesla 3? A Tesla S? A Chevy Bolt? A Toyota Mirai?

So what do people do? They compare them first hand.

At this point in time, the case for buying a Tesla is just overwhelming.  They have almost no competition.

Given your own state’s experience that prohibits the stores (and I wasn’t aware of it was done there), I wonder how sales in your state compares to one where there *are* stores.

Perhaps Bruce will want to sus out some sales figures.  While not

Bruce did take a cut on that but I lost it in the noise.

From my own googling about:
For 2018 in the USA, Tesla sales were a bit under 200k cars. Mostly Model 3s but around 50k S+Xs. Tesla has a bit more than 1% of the total car market in the USA.
Nearest BEV competitor seems to be the Bolt at a few more than 18k cars.

That seems pretty good justification for the statement that Tesla has almost no competition. Each of the three Tesla models outsold the nearest competitor by a large margin.

I failed to find recent Texas sales figures for either Tesla or BEVs in general.

rivaling California, I suspect Texas sales figures are pretty high. Especially considering the lack of incentives that have been offered in California, Colorado, Georgia, and some other states.  For several years, Tesla has lobbied hard (and expensively) to get state government to allow direct sales.  It is my opinion that Tesla has now taken the attitude: "Screw 'em!  We will kill the dealer sales model".  And I wish them the best.
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