First, I said (in part):
> there is no way I would buy any car without having driven on. 

Then David Roden replied (in part):
> At one time I would have heartily agreed with this sentiment.  But after 
almost 5 decades of driving more different vehicles (owned, borrowed, 
rented) than I can count, I've discovered that I can learn to live with a 
lot of vehicle characteristics that I despised at first drive.

There is certainly truth to that statement.  However one of the big ones would 
be if I fit in the vehicle.  I'm a fairly large guy, and for example, in my 
wife's Corolla, I practically have to fold myself in half to get in and out of 
it.  Although it's not bad once I'm in, but getting in and out is a royal pain. 
 There is no way that could be my daily vehicle.

Jim Walls - K6CCC

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