Bruce posted this claim in a press release:
“Rivian, a Michigan-based startup that could become the first automaker to
bring an all-electric pickup truck to market”

Ahem, my all electric pickup truck manufactured by US Electricar in 1994 is 
certainly not the first, I know that in the ‘60s and ‘70s there were many 
experiments with EVs and definitely in the early 1900’s there were plenty 
electric pickup trucks.

History is a strange beast – you may ignore it and claim to be first, but it 
will come back to haunt you if that claim does not jive with history…


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Rivian patents modular box system for its R1T electric pickup truck
Mar. 12th 2019  Fred Lambert


Rivian, a Michigan-based startup that could become the first automaker to
bring an all-electric pickup truck to market, is patenting an interesting
modular box system for its R1T electric pickup truck.

The company is working to bring its vehicles to market by the end of next
year and in the meantime, we have been learning more about the accessories
that they are working on based on some patent applications they have been

Last month, we reported on Rivian patenting a “removable auxiliary battery”
to add more range in its truck.

Now, we learn of Rivian applying for a patent called “Systems and Methods
for reconfigurable electric vehicles”, which consist of a modular system for
the R1T’s bed.

Rivian sees a need for an easily reversible system to configure the back of
a pickup truck in different ways for multiple uses.

They believe that it could be especially useful for a shared vehicle program
– hinting at offering its vehicles under such a scheme.

According to examples in the patent application, the system can turn the
back into a regular flat bed, a cargo box utility module, a topper module, a
recreational camper top module and the removable side rail module:

The Rivian Forum website created some really great renders to get an idea of
what the R1T would look like with those configurations ...

The installation involves a latching system combined with some sensors for
the truck to be aware of its current configuration:

We took a closer look at Rivian’s R1T all-electric pickup truck, which is
equipped with 4 electric motors, each a 147 kW power capacity at the wheel,
while the total power output can be configured to different levels from 300
kW to 562 kW (input to gearbox).

The different power levels match different choices of battery packs, which
are another impressive feature since they have the highest capacity of any
other passenger electric vehicle out there: 105 kWh, 135 kWh, and 180 kWh.

Rivian says that it will translate to “230+ miles, 300+ miles, and 400+
miles” of range on a full charge.

They’re talking about a charge rate of up to 160 kW at fast-charging
stations and an 11-kW onboard charger for level 2 charging.

The base model is expected to start at $69,000 before incentives and the
company aims to start production in late 2020.

Last month, Rivian raised a $700 million round of funding led by Amazon to
bring the truck to market next year.
Electrek’s Take

I am happy with my reservation of the Rivian R1T. I feel fairly confident
that it can be delivered within the next 2 years and I’m really liking this
potential lineup of accessories.
Rivian swappable components come to life in new renderings
March 12, 2019 ... there’s a modular component specially designed to provide
a solution. It certainly seems that ...

Tesla pickup truck teased by Elon Musk on Twitter
March 16, 2019  Tesla CEO Elon Musk hasn't been shy about the fact that the
automaker is working on an electric pickup truck, and on Friday evening the
executive tweeted a ...

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