Illinois Solar Energy Association Announces 2019 Tesla Model X Raffle
June 2nd, 2019  Nicola Brown  IL Solar Energy Association

Another opportunity to say goodbye to gasoline! Across the world, people are
growing more concerned about our collective carbon footprint. There is more
news than ever before about how our we need to electrify everything
immediately – and this includes our transportation. Thankfully, many car
manufacturers have expanded their EV options, and there are more options
than ever before. However, Tesla is still the company that’s leading as one
of the most desirable cars in the world.

Tesla has been innovating from the very start – their Model X is one of the
very first all-electric SUVs. The initial rollout in 2016 garnered a lot of
attention, and the past few years has proven its worth. It won the American
Automobile Association’s Top Green Vehicle overall for 2017, Forbes’ Best
Vehicle of the Year for 2017, and a Guinness World Record for towing a
287,000 pound Boeing 787-9 airplane almost 1,000 feet. This year, you can
enter to win a Model X of your own.

For the past six years, the Illinois Solar Energy Association (ISEA)* has
hosted fundraising raffles to win a Tesla. ISEA is a nonprofit dedicated to
educating the public about solar energy, as well as advocating for renewable
energy legislation in Illinois, and serving as a leader for other states.
The organization knows that electric vehicles, especially in partnership
with solar energy, are crucial parts of the path towards a more sustainable

Past winners share an enthusiasm for an electrified world. Mike B., the 2017
winner of the Model X, has been a life-long clean energy advocate and
pursued that passion by entering a career in solar energy and supporting the
work ISEA does to promote solar by purchasing raffle tickets. Now he says
he’s excited to plug in an EV at a location powered by solar – you can get
where you need to go without generating any harmful greenhouse gases!

Phil from Arlington Heights, IL, the 2018 winner, used ISEA’s free solar
resources when installing his solar panels in 2013. Since then, he’s been
following the organization and watching the solar movement grow in Illinois.
He decided to enter the raffle as a way to give back: “I thought I would
enter the raffle as a way to say thank you. I never thought I would win, so
I basically considered it a donation.” Phil couldn’t believe it when he
received the email notifying him he was the winner and spoke on the phone
with ISEA’s board president to confirm. “I remember saying out loud,
‘What!?’ and then they repeated it and reminded me it was legit, that I
could watch the video on (ISEA’s Facebook page) to see them pull my number,”
he said. “I actually did go back and watch that video. Every time I watch,
even now, six months later, I just giggle. I still can’t believe it.”

“The car is amazing. I can’t believe how advanced the technology has
gotten,” he says of his new vehicle. “We’ve taken it from Chicago to Denver,
Cleveland, Indianapolis, and more. Road trips have never been so much fun!
And meeting other Tesla owners along the way and explaining how I won the
car is always a great story.”

Anyone in the US can help support solar advocacy and enter for a chance to
win a Tesla Model X by visiting the ISEA store [
]. Here’s a quick overview of the rules:

Only 2,500 tickets will be sold.
There is no limit on the number of tickets that can be purchased. You do not
need to be present at the drawing to win.
The contest ends at 11:59 PM CT on November 29th and the drawing will be
held on December 5th.
If fewer than 2,000 tickets are sold, then the drawing converts to a 50/50
Tickets are only valid if sold in the continental US (sorry to our readers
outside the US!)

More about the Illinois Solar Energy Association: ISEA is a non-profit
organization that promotes the widespread application of solar and other
forms of renewable energy through our mission of education and advocacy.
ISEA is the state resource for renewable energy related policy developments,
educational classes, events and access to local renewable energy businesses.
Catch ISEA’s newsletters by signing up here.

About the Author: Nicola Brown was the Program Associate at the Illinois
Solar Energy Association. She loves being able to apply her English Major
brain towards promoting renewable energy and making the world a greener
place by writing about solar news in Illinois.  

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