Mr.Sharky... what size were you looking for on which car model?

As for the Gen 1 Leaf, it comes stock with 16 inch rims (on at least some
model years).

Leaf Gen 1 can accept certain 15 inch rims, which allows you access to
inexpensive highly mass produced 195/65R15 tires. Gen 3 Prius can use the
same tires, so Prius forums are a good place to find additional opinions on
suitable tires. 2003-2014 (and maybe newer) Corollas can also use the same.

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> I'm going to throw in on this as well. I'm still running on Goodyear
> Invicta GLR's.
> The first set I purchased after talking to Tom Egan of Goodyear, who
> recommended pumping them up to 50+ PSI, he had little concern about
> raising the pressure above the sidewall recommendations. My tire
> retailer found a set in Florida, and the shipping was nearly equal to
> the purchase price.
> I don't remember how many miles they lasted, but the second set, I
> bought at the Soquel drive-in flea market while vacationing in Santa
> Cruz, CA. They were $70 for the set, brand new and still mounted on
> pristine OEM Honda steel wheels. My girlfriend thought I was nuts,
> but I managed to pack all four of them into the sedan we were
> travelling in, and got our luggage and gear back in there too.
> The Invictas are a lot like driving on a hot skillet with ice cubes
> mounted at the end of all four axles, but boy, do they roll!
> I'm eyeing this set and wondering about their replacements. It's
> nearly impossible to find LRR tires in the size I need. I'll be
> upgrading to 14" wheels, but that isn't much help, not much is being
> offered in sizes smaller than 16 - 17" these days.I've combed through
> without finding much useful.
> Would be great to see this discussion lead to some resources for
> those of us who can't (won't) rock the giant, oversized bling wheels.
> A Leaf with an Avanti body? Yes! I couldn't bring myself to be seen
> in a Nissan clown-car!
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