Enovant JPR wrote:
We have prepared a non-comprehensive analysis to outline goals and ideas for marketing development.

http://www.haritomedia.com/plone_marketing-1.6.pdf (please download, will be removed in two weeks)

Neither of us are qualified to comment on the section of item *2c. Usability (Developer)* and have left that section blank.

Wow, great job. I share many of the points you write there and i'd like to talk about some.

Even i think there's a strong technical background here, i assume most of the people here knows more or less what marketing involves, since the high % of entrepreneur plone community have. Anyway, just to sake of clarity i'd like to divide in two groups tasks involved in marketing:
1. Commercial (customer / market)
2. Technological

By commercial i mean customer needs, motivation, when, why and how will 'buy' or not, product, price, promotion, market share, trends, and so on.

product definition, what the product does, how does it, usability, quality, performance, current and future features, and so on.


After reading your proposal and thinking about a marketing/envagelism group in Plone, i believe we shouldn't overlap with already existing groups. I mean:

* Technological issues: there were great and big discussions before, during and after Plone Summit. Also there're good blog posts about what plone should or shouldn't do[1][2], tickets and people working on it[3]. So, the best way to get involved in these discussions/decision should be join/contact these people.

* Plone.org and plone.net: same happens here, there are groups and people working already, again, the best way should join them.

* Commercial
Identify needs, motivation and the buying process: i don't find someting here (it's a question). How could we deal with this problem ?, would be people interested to work on it ?

Market share, trends and other metrics
It would be great to know more about these topics, we could discuss about market measures, are there something beyond trends.google in order to know what's happening out there ?, can we determine how big is the market, what's the place of plone in that market ?. I know researchs about it but have we got access ?, what do they say about Plone ?.

Promotion: plone.org/plone.net/user groups do a great job here, are there something else marketing group could do ? what about something like spreadfirefox (foster to documment plone promotion activities) ?, to document success histories ?, encourage companies to publish success histories, how ?


If we could agree on the actions to be done by marketing/evangelism group we could write the goal in these terms, for example "the goal is to promote plone and to research the plone and cms market". From my point of view it should be very concrete in order to identify and avoid overlapping.

Btw, the group could focus just on research/market diagnosis and trigger projects as could be a new user group or a spreadfirefox-like initiative wich should have their own life/issues, as most user groups and sites like plone.org / plone.net have.

Kind Regards

1. http://limi.net/articles/18-things-i-wish-were-true-about-plone
2. http://martinaspeli.net/articles/pete-and-andy-try-plone-4
3. http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.web.zope.plone.devel/17544


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