Chris Barnes escribió:
Being that I'm a newbie to plone (I have it "mostly" installed now, but still don't really understand how to configure or use it), the WPD conferences look interesting to me.

But nowhere on the wpd website do I see how to actually ATTEND any of these meetings, seminars, etc. Is there a signup form? Cost?

Hello Chris

Thank you very much for your interest! and welcome to the WPD experience!! :D

The official site is:

and every host will publish its information in:

If you are in Texas, as your mail's says, you can assist to the WPD organized by Alan Runyan from Enfold. They didn't publish the information yet in's site but i believe they'll do it soon.

In openplans wiki you can see all the WPD hosts around the wolrd:

Regarding costs, and since it's a promotion activity i *believe* it should be free (no charge) but that's our criteria in Argentina and in Texas could be different, so, we should ask to the organizers.

I hope this mail help you, any other question, comment or suggestion, please don't hesitate to write us.

Kind Regards


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