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Very nice, thanks to Redomino!

I speak no Italian, but I can see that a great deal of thought has gone into
the production of the movies. Very orderly.

The content looks and sounds great.

Content aside: concerning the media through which the movies are delivered,
and the format, some minor comments: 

1) at YouTube the order is fine, but the quality is less, so I aimed for

2) at <> order is the reverse of what's expected
(the 33rd video plays first, automatically, and the first video is last), so
I followed their iTunes option

3) for Redomino is not iTunes compatible (an issue with .avi) so I
returned to <> and followed their Miro option

4) at <>
1-click subscribe doesn't work so I followed the advice to " download the
Miro subscribe file and then double-click it"

5) <> RSS leads to to <>
and again this is reverse order. I understand that this is a normal
reflection of the order in which items were published, but for a collection
of thirty-three movies — all so closely related — there is benefit in
quick/easy/orderly navigation from one episode to the next.

All things considered: 

* where .avi limits compatibility, and where greater quality is preferred,
Miro may be most user-friendly.

You might offer (from the Redomino web site?) a 33-point index to the set.
This should address the issues that affect order.

If we convert from .avi to something less limiting:

* we should gain broader compatibility with iTunes.

In terms of easiest navigation, between episodes, at the moment I can not
find my favourite examples (widescreen: talking head on the left,
presentation/movie to the right, streaming, with a pull-down menu for
chapter navigation). 

In the absence of preferred examples,
<> (2004) is vaguely comparable.

I have QuickTime Pro for conversion, from .avi to a range of more compatible
formats <> but I should defer
conversion until after I have found and shared the examples that I have in


Graham Perrin, Project/Media Development Officer
CENTRIM - the Centre for Research in Innovation Management
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