Graham Perrin wrote:
> easiest navigation, between episodes

OK, I found the examples that I was seeking: 
et cetera. 

I visualise one Plone training episode per (QuickTime) chapter. 

The example <> given in my
previous post is also great, but I slightly prefer the QuickTime productions
for three reasons:

1) The combination of movie controller and menu of chapters is highly

 * scrubbing the QuickTime movie controller presents clear and synchronous
navigation through the menu of chapters

 * no movie controller in the Flash production (maybe not possible in 2004?
— I don't know Flash).

2) QuickTime requires fewer clicks

 * QuickTime menu of chapters can be navigated from top to bottom with a
single mouse click (press-move-release)

 * KMi Stadium XO 2004 example require multiple mouse clicks if there are
more than a few items in the menu.
3) Faster delivery (greater network compatibility)

 * the normal route to the Flash production 
<> may
require a few minutes' wait ("trying port 443 please wait…", " trying port
80 please wait…", "trying HTTP Tunnelling please wait…", "trying port 1935
please wait…") — depending on one's network environment and most noticeable
when (as now) I work from home
 * shortcut <> works first time
(for me; YMMV)
 * I guess that more modern Flash will be more compatible.

The two QuickTime examples were also produced in 2004 -- before the change
of organisation from to Anomalies, if any,
with these examples might be attributed to their age or to the site/server



and I suspect that (a) already the routine is easier than what's described,
and (b) there exist tools complementary to QuickTime Pro† to further
simplify chaptering + streaming. 

and I'll draw attention of an XO person to comments within this thread.

† Maybe an example application free from Apple Developer Connection, I'm
sure I've seen a very user-friendly tool somewhere…
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