Jens W. Klein wrote:
The idea is to focus. Is it so difficult to pick one day for all? You'll never find the perfect date. for me it doesnt matter if its wednesday or friday. If you'd ask me I'd choose saturday. But it doesnt matter.

Imho, having it world-wide on a single day is a 'nice in thought but without a huge benefit'. Having WPW (week) is a fine idea w/ me.

As for which day for "the specific one I would attend" (ie. the one closest to Houston), any WEEKDAY is fine with me. My weekends are reserved for times when I do not allow my fingers to touch a keyboard nor my mind to think about anything to do with computers. I sit in a cushy office too much as it is, so on the weekends I ride on my tractor and pretend to be a farmer/rancher. :-)


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