"Jens W. Klein" <j...@bluedynamics.com> writes:

> Theres new discussion on GNOME web mailing list, 
> http://news.gmane.org/gmane.comp.gnome.webabout the the future process
> of the Gnome website.
> In 2006 they started with Plone and the project never finished. The
> evaluation process and the message they choosed Plone is an often
> cited.
> I think its important for us, the Plone-Community, to not have a
> message around about failure. Even if it wasnt a technical problem.
> If 5 people from the Plone-Community would help the Gnome folks its
> easy to get the technical part done. I'd be one of them.
> Any opinions?

I can probably help some too.


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